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“There’s a lot going on in Linda Rosen’s THE DISHARMONY OF SILENCE, both in terms of the scope of years covered and the complex family relationships… Generally, it’s thought that honesty is always the best policy, so it’s interesting to see a character grapple with the idea that this truism may not, in fact, always be true. The ending gives the reader a lot to think about in those terms, and it’s an interesting and somewhat unexpected question for a novel to raise.”

- Indie Reader review

A must-read book… filled with heart, the challenge of friendship and the emotion of true family. A one-of-a-kind story of how easily the bonds between one another come together and can just as easily fall apart, the story of connection plays prominently in this tale and will keep readers invested throughout…”

- Anthony Avina –

“Rosen paints a vivid picture of a family torn apart then shows us what true family means.”

– Pamela Taylor, author of the Second Son Chronicles

Kristin Harmel and Linda Rosen at Platina Book Club luncheon in Boynton Beach Florida.