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Peeling Back The Label Live IGTV with Guest Linda Rosen, author of The Emerald Necklace

Drinking With Authors Podcast Feature

Also available on Apple Podcasts

Five novels Linda recommends (besides her own) that are also set in the not-too-distant past about women who reinvent themselves despite obstacles thrown their way.


Author Spotlight on


In Conversation with Traci Odom, narrator of
The Emerald Necklace audiobook.


Podcast - Theresa Bakken of Desideratum interviews Linda about The Emerald Necklace."

We Stand on Their Shoulders

Linda in conversation with authors Jane Loeb Rubin and Nancy Rosenstock celebrating Women's Equality Day.


And I Thought Ladies
The Emerald Necklace, pickleball and more

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The Author Talk Network has arrived. Creativity, collaboration, and an urge to communicate has resulted in a unique alliance of nineteen authors, most of whom have never met.  We’ve created a network where readers and authors come together to discuss books and so much more.  The authors are available individually, or as a panel, for library programs, book clubs, school groups, or clubs and as guests on your show or blog.  Explore more here.  There’s a lot to talk about!


A Novel Talk with Linda Rosen

Book Club-Hosted by Heather Skinner
Part I & Part II

Sisters of the Vine

Linda's Interview with “And I Thought Ladies”
on Sisters Of The Vine

The Best of Women's Fiction

Linda Rosen, author of The Disharmony of Silence and Sisters of the Vine

The Disharmony of Silence

Why Are We Drawn to Themes of Betrayal?
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