Flourish by Linda Rosen


About the novel: The Disharmony of Silence

“Linda Rosen spins an intriguing tale of long-held family secrets, an emotional search for identity, and a painting that may just be the key to untangling the complicated past. The bittersweet mystery kept me reading rapidly until the last page!”

– Kristin Harmel, bestselling author of The Winemaker’s Wife

“A family torn apart by jealousy and reunited by love is devastated again when tragedy strikes. A poignant and moving debut novel about the fragility of life, the power of love, and the cost of keeping a secret.”

– Gina Sorell author of Mothers and Other Strangers

“Rosen paints a vivid picture of a family torn apart then shows us what true family means.”

 – Pamela Taylor, author of the Second Son Chronicles

“A wonderful novelist . . .  Ms. Rosen's writing is both tender and inspiring. The Disharmony of Silence unfolds with emotional and wise insights.”

 – Bunny Shulman, author of After Aida, Keira's Story, Muse on Madison, Turning Point, Step by Step, On M6y Eyes, Timed Exposures