Linda Rosen


Women’s National Book Association – New York City branch

Medical Exercise Specialist certified by the American Academy of Health, Fitness and Rehab Professionals

Member of IDEA, Health and Fitness Association


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About Linda Rosen

Since 1982, I have been a fitness professional choreographing, designing and leading exercise programs for women, men and children. Several years ago, as I was approaching my sixth decade, my creative side started to gnaw at me. It wanted more.  I’d always wanted to write; I had written articles for newspapers, magazines, and websites on various fitness topics, but writing fiction was my dream.

 As an avid reader, I’d dreamt of penning my own novel, one that readers would devour curled up in a comfortable chair with a cup of tea, so I searched for and found a writer’s workshop in a local community school. My fingers started to fly across the keyboard. To paraphrase a sentence from my novel, FLOURISH, my prose was as shaky as a toddler’s first steps. With my teacher’s encouragement, the words soon began to flow as characters introduced themselves to me. They sat on my shoulder, whispered in my ear as I walked in the park, swam laps, or dug in my garden. They planted their feet and wouldn’t leave until I put them on paper, or to be more accurate, on screen.

Flourish is inspired by a true story that was told to me while having lunch with an old friend.  At the time, I never thought a sandwich in Soho would lead me to a hillside vineyard in Hudson River Valley with a sisterhood of women picking grapes, and to writing a novel.

I live with my husband in New Jersey, just ten miles from New York City and a few blocks from my grandsons – in the warm months – and in sunny Florida when it's too cold to stay up north.